Keystone Pipeline Vetoed

Yesterday, President Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline. National surveys have found that a majority of Americans support constructing the Pipeline for the same reasons we do. Not only would the Keystone Pipeline help reduce our dependence on foreign oil coming

Immigration Reform Update

As a nation, we are facing some tough issues and one of the biggest among them is our broken immigration system. We must secure our border. We must deter illegal immigration, and we must fix our broken work visa program.

Celebrating National School Choice Week

We are fortunate to have many great schools with outstanding teachers across Indiana. But not every child has access to a high quality education that fits his or her individual needs. That’s why I was honored to serve as Master

Tully: Is common ground in D.C. a fantasy?

This column was published in the Indianapolis Star on January 7, 2015. It sounds good when U.S. Rep. Luke Messer says it – this idea that the Republican Congress and the Democratic president might start working together, and that the new congressional

Take a moment to thank a veteran today.

Let us never forget the sacrifice and courage shown by the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Because of their service and unwavering commitment, we are able to enjoy living in the most free and prosperous

Meet Luke Messer

Raised by a single mom, Luke Messer is a proven leader who understands the American dream because he has lived it. Today, he is working in Congress to protect that dream for his family and yours. Luke is currently serving