House Democrats tried to play politics with military spending.

Today, they failed.

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s attempts to block passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, the House just approved legislation to continue military funding by a vote of 269-151.

After the bill received wide bipartisan support in the Armed Services Committee, Democrat leaders began putting pressure on their Members to vote against it. Democrat opposition was largely aimed at trying to force House Republicans to approve increased spending for other Federal agency budgets.

For the past several years, President Obama and many Democrats in Congress have supported policies that would weaken the United States Military.

With so many growing threats around the world, we must strengthen the military and ensure that the men and women who fight for our country are equipped for the challenges they may face.

The bill passed by House Republicans does just that.

In order to maintain a technological edge, the National Defense Authorization Act streamlines how the Department of Defense can procure and acquire military equipment. It will allow us to be prepared for the ever-changing threats, while cutting bureaucratic red tape and saving taxpayer dollars in the process.

This legislation bolsters our commitment to military intelligence, which is critical to our national security. And, importantly, it provides additional resources to be enhance our position in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

President Obama’s failed approach to foreign policy has contributed to making the world a more dangerous place.

I can assure you that Republicans in Congress are doing all we can to support our military and to protect America from threats at home and abroad.