Let’s face the facts: our Republican Party is divided.

As you know, Speaker Boehner announced his resignation last week. He made a tough decision, which I also believe was the right decision, and, as a result, has given our Party a real opportunity to accomplish great things for our country that are rooted in conservative principles.

While we’ve been divided for a long time, I believe in the greatness of our Party, our conservative ideals, and know that we have one great advantage over our liberal counterparts: our ideas work.

Let me be candid with you, despite this great opportunity Republicans in the House have been given, we still have an uphill battle. After all, Obama is still in the White House, and Democrats in the Senate still have the ability to block good, common sense solutions.

What that means to me is that Republicans must be willing to stand strong together. We can’t allow liberals to drive a wedge between us.

I firmly believe that working together is the only way we will find some success in standing up to Obama and his liberal agenda. Through my position as the Policy Chair, I am excited about seizing this new opportunity to help strengthen our Party and champion bold, conservative ideas.